Terms of Use

1. Preamble

1.1 The present terms and conditions (hereinafter «Terms and Conditions») govern the access and use of the website available through the electronic addresses www.matildafoundation.org  (hereinafter «Website») by its users (hereinafter «User»). The Website is owned and controlled by the Matilda Foundation (hereinafter «Foundation»). The User may print, download or copy webpages or extracts of the Website, exclusively for his own use, for research or educational purposes only, provided that all copyright notices are mentioned.

1.2 Access and use of this Website implies the User΄s unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

1.3 The present Terms and Conditions constitute part of the rights-management information of the Website regarding all rights available through the Website, whose owner is either the Foundation or third parties, who cooperate with the Foundation. In view of the above, the User is prohibited to knowingly perform any of the following acts, without the prior written consent of the Foundation: a) the removal or alteration of any electronic rights-management information; b) the broadcasting, communication or making available to the public of the Website, in part  or in whole, from which electronic rights-management information has been removed or altered without authority, if such person knows, or has reasonable grounds to know, that by so doing he is inducing, enabling, facilitating or concealing an infringement of any copyright or any rights related to copyright as provided by law  or any rights on databases.

2. Alterations

2.1 The Foundation reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions from time to time. In such case the altered version of Terms and Conditions will be available to the User through the Website.

2.2 The Foundation reserves the right to alter the contents of the Website, to add or remove its contents or any information contained therein, or to interrupt temporarily or permanently the function of the Website, when the Foundation considers it necessary.

2.3 The User will be informed of the alterations through the Website.

3. Costs

Access and navigation in the Website and use of its content is free of charge. The User bears all costs for the internet connection.

4. Responsibility of the Foundation

4.1 The Website does not constitute an electronic place for the conclusion of commercial agreements, but rather a place where informational and educational material is available. The Foundation is not in any kind of contractual relationship with legal entities, included or displayed in the website. For this reason the Foundation is not liable in case these third parties are not capable, partially or in whole, of executing any obligation undertaken in favor of the User or in case of denial or improper fulfillment of their obligations to the User. The User is not entitled to bring against the Foundation any action based on or related to these legal entities solely on the grounds that the third parties are included in or displayed on the Website.

4.2 The Foundation, given the nature of the web-based communication, takes all reasonable measures to ensure that all information displayed on the Website, provided by the Foundation or by any third party, is accurate or in the form given to the Foundation by that third party. The above mentioned information do not constitute advertisement, direct or indirect, suggestion or advice for the conduct of any action by the User, generating or not financial impact.

4.3 The Foundation has taken all necessary measures to ensure a high level protection and security solely of its own system, in accordance with good business practice. The Foundation undertakes to keep its systems upgraded and to use antivirus programs. In any case, the Foundation does not guarantee to any third party that there are no viruses and is not liable for any loss or damage of hardware, software, files etc. that the User may suffer due to viruses.

5. Responsibility of the User

5.1 The User is obliged to use the Website according to the current Terms and Conditions and any relevant guidelines given by the Foundation and communicated to him through the Website.

5.2 The User hereby undertakes the obligation to ensure that his computer is equipped with the most recent versions of anti-virus programmes and systems, in general, for the protection of data and hardware (antivirus programs, antispywear, firewalls etc.).

5.3 The User is liable for any loss or damage sustained by the Foundation, due to the User΄s acts or omissions, as well as any unlawful and/or improper action taken by the User.

5.4 The User undertakes to act according to his obligations as stated in the legislation concerning the protection of intellectual property.

6. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

6.1 The use of the Website by the User shall not grant any right to the User in relation to the industrial and intellectual property rights to which the Foundation or any third parties are lawfully entitled.  Any copying, deletion, reproduction, imitation or counterfeiting in any manner, whether as excerpts or in summarised form and by whatever means and generally any infringement thereof by the User shall constitute an unlawful and improper act and a criminally punishable offence and is strictly forbidden, otherwise the sanctions of the law will be induced against the User.

6.2 The lawful use of the Website is described in article 1.1. Any other use is prohibited.

Categories of Cookies

1. Essentilas : These cookies are absolutely necessary for the proper and secure operation of the website and they do not store information which identifies you. Therefore, they cannot be disabled and your consent for their use is not needed, in accordance with the current legislation.

2. Performance and Analytics: These cookies collect information on how you use the website in order to improve your experience when visiting our website and collect statistical data, such as the website's traffic, the pages the users visit more often etc, by using Google Analytics tools.