World Children's Day

The 20th of November has been established as "World Children's Day." It is a special day dedicated to children. Regardless of nationality, gender, origin, religion, or place of residence, children have the right to live in a safe and just environment with equal opportunities.

Although children's rights are indisputable and fundamental, it is observed that they continue to be violated in various parts of the world. To illustrate, globally, one in five children today lacks access to clean water and food, 244 million children do not have access to basic education, 43.3 million children have been forced to leave their homes due to climate change or socio-political unrest, and in 2022, one billion children were victims of violence or abuse.

Unfortunately, children are always the greatest victims of armed conflicts. According to international organizations for children's rights, during the three-week war between Israel and Hamas, the number of children who lost their lives in Gaza exceeded the annual number of children killed in conflicts worldwide since 2019.

In this environment of uncertainty and upheaval, the Matilda Foundation takes action. With the goal of preventing and combating child abuse, abandonment, neglect, and exploitation, the Matilda Foundation collaborates with public and private non-profit organizations. Through targeted actions and interventions, we design and implement programs, uniting our efforts with those who strive to protect children and ensure a better future for them.

The Matilda Foundation is a charitable organization that supports and closely collaborates with public and private non-profit entities with the expertise and ability to intervene in child protection issues, aiming to design and implement programs for the prevention and combating of child abuse or neglect. At the same time, it contributes to promoting and defending the fundamental and inalienable rights of children.